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"Where Web Conferencing and E-Commerce Meet"

According to online rating services, TotallyFreeCams is the largest and fastest-growing online web conferencing ("videochat") community in the world, and is ranked by audience-metric services such as Nielsen/NetRatings and Ranking.com in the top 200 most popular sites on the internet.

Launched on Valentine's Day, 1998 as a videochat matchmaking service and online chat community for webcam enthusiasts, TotallyFreeCams has rapidly evolved into a substantial community of diverse interests and content categories, currently numbering more than 13.5 million registered users and more than 500,000 registered webcam models, hailing from more than 100 different countries.

TotallyFreeCams is positioned at the convergence of several exciting, dynamic and fast-growing trends shaping the internet today: Web Conferencing, E-Commerce, Personal Broadcasting, and Broadband Multimedia Streaming. Through TotallyFreeCams' standards-based, e-commerce-enabled, personal webcam streaming and audio-streaming software and web-based community platform, any internet user in the world -- from individuals to Fortune 500 companies -- with a webcam-equipped PC can use the TotallyFreeCams platform to offer live or prerecorded web-conferencing and streaming products or services, ranging from online advice and expertise to entertainment.

But TotallyFreeCams isn't just for "pros" that want to cash in on their expertise -- it's also for the thousands of webcam models and hundreds of thousands of registered users who visit TotallyFreeCams every day to enjoy the many free benefits of membership in the TotallyFreeCams community, including free videochat rooms, free bulletin boards, the TotallyFreeCams "Marketplace" shopping area, and free webcam software.

TotallyFreeCams is privately held, profitable since inception, and continues to enjoy extremely rapid growth. TotallyFreeCams currently employs a seasoned and talented team of professionals operating from our primary data center, network operations, and customer service facilities located in South Florida. For more information about TotallyFreeCams, please contact us.

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